December 2015 Xarana's New Design BIV, BIS and BOB class 3 to 6 months ...
January 2016 Xarana's Yentle
April 2016 Xarana's New Design BIS Class 6 to 9 months ...
Thank you for showing my girls Arlette.
You did a great job!
Tica Show with 'Bibi' April 16, 2016
@ Xarana's E-Let It Be
8 months old ...

Yamacatos Charlie Crown BIS
@ St Job in ’t Goor -Belgium
August 28, 2016
Xarana's My Blue Silver Star BIV
@ Rotterdam
September 18, 2016
September 25, 2016 @Hoevelaken
Sterre BIV Persian colors without white
October 9, 2016 Charlie BIV @Wassenaar
Xarana's My Blue Silver Star 'Sterre'
Ring 9th place!
October 30, 2016 @Eindhoven
Charlie Best in Show
October 30, 2016 @Eindhoven
Bibi Best in Show @ Xarana's E-Let It Be
November 27, 2016
December 11, 2016 ECF in Delft
Tommy became BIS @Lyukorn Aristo Allison of Xarana…

Sterre became BIV
@Xarana’s My Blue Silver Star…
Bibi BIV Exotic Shorthair all Colours
Sterre BIS en BOB